Company emblem

Company emblem (Current)

New company emblem

Our new company emblem reflects our representative's feelings about daring to change the logos of the Iwata Label Group companies to which he is attached. We have retained the letters IL in our new company name to carry on the IL Group Way (Important Ideas and Values) and culture.
Our brand colors, blue and red, represent the values we hold dear. The blue represents trust and integrity, and the red represents strong will, challenge, and overcoming dreams. The previously used logo has been incorporated into the new corporate emblem as a tribute. The circle in the lower right corner of the logo represents a period, signifying the end of medical malpractice. At the same time, the logo also represents the new value (ideas) created through challenges. Since we will focus on global expansion more than ever before, the design is based on the image of "sunrise and the sea."
The meaning of "transcending the seas" is also implied in the design, as we hope that Japanese technology will spread beyond the shores of Japan's oceans. We will continue to take on new challenges in order to contribute to more people and realize a better future.

Company emblem (At the time of founding)

At the time of founding

In 1969, when the company was in its seventh year of operation, a contest to design the company emblem was held as an event to celebrate the company reaching 100 million yen in annual turnover. A design created by an aspiring designer from the Nagoya Sales Office was adopted, and made into cloisonné ware.
Since tack labels at the time were increasingly used for sealing printing as labels to seal containers in order to protect their contents, the inside of the exterior modeled after a protective "shield" was divided into three levels representing the sky, sun and sea (blue-red-blue). "IL," the initials of IL Pharma Packaging, were placed inside the sun.
Due to later land readjustment, IL Pharma Packaging's address is inside Mitsui, Ichinomiya, but at the time the area was known as Tanyo-cho Mitsui, Ichinomiya. Tanyo, rendered as "丹陽" in Chinese characters, carries the meanings of morning (red) sun and a day of true devotion. For this reason, the letters "IL" are engraved inside the red sun.