1960 - 1969

Head office and plant (former Aichi Plant) completed
October 1962
Iwata Jitsugyo Ltd. founded
February 1966
Reorganized and renamed Iwata Label Co.
February 1966
Head office and plant (former Aichi Plant) completed


October 1971
Installed GALLUS Q33A printing press
March 1972
Began research and development of color photographic labels
June 1972
Approved by the Nagoya Bureau of International Trade and Industry as a subsidized project for technological improvement for small and medium-sized enterprises.
October 1973
Tokyo Sales Office established
December 1973
Succeeded in developing color photographic labels.
January 1974
Plate-making system introduced, In-house integrated production system established.
March 1974
Presentation of research results on color photographic labels held.
October 1976
Technical exchange with European label companies started.
March 1977
Computerized management system started.
October 1977
Became the exclusive Japanese agent for Guhl+Scheibler AG (now HM Collamat AG) of Switzerland and started manufacturing and selling GMP labeling systems.
October 1977
Joined FINAT (International Federation of Manufacturers and Processors of Pressure-Sensitive and Thermal Adhesive Paper).
January 1978
Joined Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association.
May 1978
UV inking system introduced


GMP-compliant main plant (former Aichi Plant) completed
April 1980
Osaka Sales Office opened
May 1983
GMP-compliant main plant (former Aichi Plant) completed
October 1987
Designated as an investment target company of Nagoya Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.
August 1988
Head office building completed

From 1990 to 1999

Received the Chubu New Business Award for Excellence.
September 1991
Mitsuru Iwata, founding president, receives the "Printing Promotion Award"
November 1994
Received the Chubu New Business Award for Excellence.
January 1997
Tochigi Plant completed.
Tochigi Plant completed.
Toyama Branch Office opened
November 1997
Iwata Label wins Study Center Prize Special Encouragement Award

From 2000 to 2009

November 2000
Registered for ISO9001 (JSAQ947) audit
October 2001
Registered for ISO14001 (JSAE421) audit
September 2002
The former Aichi Plant received the 1st Environmental Excellent Plant Award for the Printing Industry.
January 2004
Akita Sales Office opened.
March 2004
Recognized as an "Aichi Brand Company" in 2003.
June 2004
Management Innovation Plan approved.
December 2004
Received the "2004 Monozukuri Brand NAGOYA" award.
January 2007
Continued recognition as an Aichi Brand Company

From 2010 to 2019

January 2015
IWATA LABEL Europe GmbH established
February 2016
Continued to be certified as an Aichi Brand Company
January 2017
Former President Masato Iwata receives the "34th Excellent Manager Award" (Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd.)
August 2018
Completed the construction of the Innovation Park Aichi Plant
August 2018
Won a prize at the "Japan Packaging Contest 2018"
October 2018
IWATA LABEL USA INC. (U.S. subsidiary) established

From 2020

September 2020
Chairman Masato Iwata receives the "2020 Nichi-Insanren Award for Meritorious Service in Printing" from the Japan Federation of Printing Industries.
April 2022
Establishment of a holding company structure
April 2022
IL Contract packaging is established
March 2023
Completed construction of new IL Engineering Management Plant