IL Group Way


To realize the happiness of all involved

Happiness means practicing the concepts of "self-interest and altruism," "challenge and creativity," and "conquer dreams," growing as a human being, being useful to others, and being needed by those around us.


Create new added value

We promise high added value to our customers.


Global Niche Only One

We will concentrate our management resources on niche markets and create new products and services that meet the latent needs and wants of the market with our unique ideas, technologies, know-how, skills, and assembly technologies, and develop them on a global scale.


Visionary Company

We share a common vision, and each of us will spare no effort to do the desired work by thinking independently and proactively to realize this vision.

Innovation and Synergy

We will not be bound by conventional wisdom, but will boldly and quickly innovate the entire group in order to respond to drastic changes in the surrounding environment. Furthermore, we will mutually enhance the effectiveness of our reforms.

Corporate Citizenship

We consider our company to be a member of society, and we always give due consideration to people, local communities, and the global environment. As a good corporate citizen, we will follow the rules, keep our activities open and sustainable.


In order to continue to be a useful member of society, we will strive to grow together with those who are involved with the IL Group (employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, financial institutions, industry associations, and local communities), cooperating with each other as partners.


Human Resources Policy

The strength of the IL Group lies in our global human resources.

We consider human resources to be assets, and will invest sufficiently in recruitment, education and training, and compensation.

Global human resources are

  • People who can share our management vision
  • People who actively respond to global standards and are always curious and willing to take on challenges.
  • People who aim for and realize "autonomy and responsibility" and "growth and development."
    * Autonomy and responsibility means that employees are autonomous and fulfill their own duties and roles.
    Growth and development means that employees will expand their work by themselves, thereby improving their skills.

Quality Policy

We will continue to provide our customers with "safety," "security," and "comfort.

We will establish a system to prevent accidents from occurring and make every effort to ensure safety.
We will provide our customers with high quality products and reliable services that give them peace of mind.
We pursue comfort so that we can be recognized as a reliable partner by our customers.

Environmental Policy

We will continue to work for environmental preservation, pollution prevention, and improvement while maintaining a spirit of "consideration," "humility," and "openness."

We will work to reduce the environmental impact of environment-related substances, to reduce the use of materials and energy, and to conserve resources by reusing and recycling waste materials.
We will comply with environment-related laws and regulations, and communicate fully with the industry and local communities to ensure that everyone is involved in environmental conservation activities.
We will disclose our environmental policy and activities to the public.

IL Group Shared Goal

IL Group

While strengthening our global, niche, and unique position, we aim to achieve sales of 15 billion yen across 10 group companies and become a group chosen by people all over the world. (6 existing businesses: 14 billion yen; 3 new businesses: 1 billion; sales ratio outside Japan: 30%)

IL Group Operating Company
Long Term Goal

IL Pharma Packaging

IL Pharma Packaging will become a worldwide leading company in the pharmaceutical packaging industry with everyone working with a smile.

IL Engineering Management

IL Engineering Management will establish a quality consultant business that includes not only plating equipment but also plating solution. We will also provide functions and equipment that will surprise the world's pharmaceutical makers.


Iwata Label Europe will achieve €10M in annual sales by 2030 and establish a foothold to become a €30M company by 2040.
(1) Increase the number of sales offices in the EU region and create an environment where employees can aim for the position of site manager.
(2) Develop new products from ILE and lead IL Group.


Iwata Label USA will establish a strong position as a shrink solution company in the US and South American markets, with annual sales of 1 billion yen by 2030. Furthermore, we will discover latent needs in the region, connect them to product development, and become a driving force in the industry.

IL Contract Packaging

IL Contract Packaging will establish its position as the first evocative brand for small-lot pharmaceutical contract packaging and expand business globally.
Quality Policy: We will comply with laws and regulations and continuously improve our pharmaceutical quality system to deliver safe, high-quality products and services to patients through pharmaceutical packaging.


With its detailed and sincere response, Yakuriken will provide new and unique services and become an indispensable presence for clinical trial sites and sponsors.

IL Holdings

IL Holdings will be an organization of experts that will lead the group companies to success.