IL Engineering Management

Our Business

"To keep giving answers."
This sense of mission is our main product.

We are a group of professionals with proven technology. As a producer that manages everything from planning and design of industrial machinery to manufacturing, installation, and maintenance, we respond to our customers' needs with proposals that add value.
"Engineering Management" in our company name means "contributing to the management of our customers through our technical capabilities." This is the spirit that has been passed down from generation to generation since our founding in 1972, and is considered our tradition.
In this spirit, we are always thinking together with our customers about how we can respond to their problems and concerns and how we can improve their productivity, and we continue to run alongside them.
Of course, we sometimes hit a wall. But we believe that the answer is always there. There is always a solution.
We are tenacious, flexible, and willing to take on challenges to find the best answers for our customers. This sense of mission is the 'core product' of IL Engineering Management.

One-of-a-kind, tailored to your needs

One-of-a-kind, tailored to your needs

At IL Engineering Management, we offer easy-to-use machinery and equipment, such as labeling machines and equipment for automobile part cleaning, that are tailored to the size and operating environment of our customers' factories.
We have the know-how to meet your unique one-of-a-kind, customer-specific requirements. Let's think together about what we can do for your company.

What We Offer

For cleaning/drying equipment

The important thing is to propose a cleaning and drying method optimized for your product. We find the best, unique method for your product, using our proprietary technology. We carefully consider the selection of cleaning solutions and heat sources to reduce costs and environmental impact.

For surface treatment systems

In addition to preventing leakage to the outside world, which is the most important point to keep in mind during the surface treatment process using chemicals, we offer proposals with delicate care, such as minimizing the muddling of chemicals and washing water, which is common in surface treatment that goes through many processes in succession.

For inspection/sorting equipment

We apply the advanced image inspection technology cultivated in labeling machines, such as VPP, to inspect and sort all kinds of industrial products. It can also be manufactured for use in pre-delivery inspection of finished products.


We design the transport of goods in a factory, taking into consideration limited space, human traffic lines, and installation locations, and propose the optimal transport for the customer's on-site environment to further improve efficiency.