IL Engineering Management

Case Studies

Major Deliverables

Clients Machinery & Equipment
Major Automobile Manufacturers Alkali cleaning equipment, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, parts cleaning equipment, finished product cleaning equipment, transfer equipment for cleaning, transfer equipment for ultrasonic cleaning, transportation equipment, automatic engine material transfer equipment, automatic tire transfer equipment, transportation equipment, trolley conveyor, screw conveyor, elevator, press feeding equipment, wringer, alumite equipment No. 1-4, chromating equipment, SUS wool winding machine, roll coater, tin plating equipment, coating plant, coating equipment, molding machine, pad pretreatment line, C/P line degreasing and cleaning equipment, piston resin coating film forming equipment, drying furnace, drying equipment, various testing equipment
Major Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Labeling machines CP-202, CP-202S, CP-206, CP-206E, CP-206S, CP-207, CP-208, CP-209, RC-105, AAPM, CP-256, CP-206E+LASM , CRC-105DAS, RC-106, ES+UV sticker applicators, carton sealers, can sealers, UPL1A/B
Major Cosmetics Manufacturers RC-10
Major Parts Manufacturers Automatic box changer, air blowers, transportation equipment, alkaline spray cleaning equipment, cleaning equipment
Major Precision Equipment Manufacturers Supply and accumulation rack equipment, carriers for surface treatment, parts washers, cooling equipment, plating pretreatment, plating equipment
Major Chemical Products Manufacturers Filling machines, labeling equipment
Major Product Device Manufacturers HS machines, TP machines, CRT bottom compensators, CRT fluorescent surface circumference machines, CRT transfer plants
Label manufacturer Ancillary equipment for printing machines, dedicated waste removal machines, development of various labeling machines, labeling systems
Major Vending Machine Manufacturers Automatic bag attaching machine

Facilities Overview

  • Site area
    12,495.18 ㎡
  • Floor space
    5,086.94 ㎡
Machinery and equipment
Drilling press
3 units
2 units
2 units
Belt sander
1 unit
Milling machine盤
2 units
1 unit
Overhead crane 2.8t
1 unit
Screw Lathe
1 unit